Griffin Art is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Gmatrixs platform.

Griffin Land x Gmatrixs

About Gmatrixs

Gmatrixs is an omnichain metaverse game publishing and distribution platform similar to Steam. It is one of the the top GameFi infrastructure platform which solves the current problems of insufficient infrastructure by providing Gamefi services with a low-threshold, high quality GameFi services.

Also Gmatrix will launch their PlayToEarn fishing game that you will have fun and earn by playing very soon.

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About Griffin Land

Griffinland is a blockchain-based, play to earn battle game and powered by NFT technology, inspired by the mythological characters where each hero is an NFT. Players can go on heroic adventures, fight each other in mythical battles and earn plenty of items and redeemable rewards. The game is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Griffin Art Ecosystem

Griffin Art is an innovative ecosystem that uses blockchain and NFT technologies, includes the Griffin Land play-to-earn battle game.