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As known, our game with play-to-earn feature made a great entry into the industry with its PvE version in the third quarter of 2022. Our game development team, which has been continuously improving the game since then, has been working non-stop, and we are happy to announce that we have finally made the multiplayer version of our game ready!

With this new version, we are transitioning from a single-player system to a multiplayer system, and we are turning the game into one that offers players multiple ways to earn while enjoying the game by playing with different people or friends.

Multiplayer Version and Latest Improvements

With this version, we have made many improvements with your feedback, and we will continue to improve in future versions. In addition, our game development process will accelerate a lot and you will look forward to playing each of our new versions. Note that this is the first version of our multiplayer version and everything in our game will get better in the next versions. Enjoy the mutual duel with your friends for now.

Our multiplayer version can only be played on Android phones at this stage. Our developments for iOS phones will be completed in later stages.

How to Play?

  • After logging in to Google Play Store from your Android phone, search for Griffin Land in the search bar and download our game. Make sure that you purchased a Griffin ART hero NFT from website, as you need to have an NFT to play our game.
  • After downloading and logging into our game, click on “sign up” on the login page to create an account and fill in the username, nickname, email, and password fields.
  • After filling in these fields, enter the verification code sent to your email in the required field to confirm your account, and log in with the username and password you have chosen.
  • When we come to the Wallet and NFT Linking stage, click on the wallet icon on the right and connect your wallet again by clicking on “connect wallet” on the “wallet” tab and wait until the connection is completed on Griffin ART Arena’s interface site.
  • Return to the game and wait for the “fetching wallet” notification to disappear. Once you see the visual of your NFT character and the “use” button, your wallet connection is complete. Don’t forget to press the Use button under your NFT visual. Now you are ready to play.
  • To enter the game, click on the second button from the top on the left, and two options will appear. Select demo to get to know the game or select paid to enter the arena and win by playing. Once you enter the paid section, choose your NFT character and click “join game” and move to the rooms section. Click on the “pay” button that shows the fee and possible average earnings, and go to the Griffin ART Arena payment page via the Metamask browser.
  • After making sure that you have enough GART tokens on the top left for the payment, click the “pay now” button next to it and complete the payment confirmation that will appear below.
  • Return to the game and click on the “validate payment” button to check the payment and wait for the “play” button to appear to enter the game.
  • After the match ends, the winner will receive 85% of the total tokens placed, and the loser will get back 7.5%. The remaining 7.5% of tokens will be returned to the treasury to finance the game’s development.

(To play a multiplayer game, there must be another user on the Griffin ART Arena server at the same time as you. If there is no player on the other side or if a match cannot be made, the wait section will end in 60 seconds, and you will continue to fight against the CPU.)

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