Griffin Art Ecosystem Migration Announcement

Griffin Art Ecosystem
3 min readNov 8, 2022


We are excited to announce that Griffin Art Ecosystem utility tokens will be merged into one contract with the idea of a stronger community under the same roof, a better contract, more and reinforced liquidity, more trading volume, one focus for marketing.

Since October 28th, we have been meeting for days to find a solution to the hacking problem we experienced and to resolve the aggrievement of our investors, and we have been working hard to prevent this kind of situation. We have found this idea and conducted a comprehensive risk assessment with all possible options.

Griffin Art Ecosystem

Griffin Art is an innovative ecosystem that uses blockchain and NFT technologies, includes the Griffin Land play-to-earn battle game. In Griffin Land, the heroes are unique NFTs and inspired by the mythological characters. Players can go on heroic adventures, fight each other in mythical battles, earn plenty of items and redeemable rewards.

In 2021, the project was inspired by play-to-earn movement and entered to market.
In 2022, the Griffin Land mobile game was released, featuring a unique in-game economy. Notably, Griffin Art is managed by a fully doxxed and devoted team working on the project openly and transparently.

Migration Process

Griffin Art Ecosystem’s tokens migration from $GART & $GLAND to $GART v2 has commenced and will take place until November 14th 2022.

$GLAND and $GART holders should send their tokens to the team wallet which is written below to receive their $GART v2 tokens.

The only wallet address for migration is: 0x4F5ABa8626A1901066A11ea6CBC0aED4dcB02179

$GART v2 tokens will be distributed after the pre-sale ended on Pinksale.

1 BNB = 45,000,000 GART v2

1 GART v2 = $0,0000073~

1 GLAND = 68 GART v2

1 GART = 1 GART v2

The trading fees of $GLAND and $GART v1 are set as 12%, the extra fee will support $GART v2’s liquidity.
Transfer fee for our migration is 0%.

$GART holders on LBank Exchange should wait till the LBank announcements.
$GART holders on MEXC should transfer their $GART tokens to their own trust wallet and/or metamask wallet for the migration process.


In order to consolidate the liquidity of the new contract, GART and GLAND liquidities are locked until a certain date, so the team will sell tokens to free them up and add all of them to the liquidity of $GART v2. These sell transactions mentioned will be published and shared with our community.

Also, a pre-sale will be launched for the new contract via the Pinksale platform, and 80% of the pre-sale will be added to the liquidity with the amount obtained from GART and GLAND liquidities, thus increasing the liquidity of the new token.

In addition, the new token will be listed on the LBANK exchange. Negotiations regarding the MEXC exchange listing are ongoing. We will announce the details when we finalize our deal.

All of these actions are focused on protecting our investors, and all of this is to maintain trust between our community and the team.


1)What will be the name of the new contract?

-Griffin Art Ecosystem

2) What will be the symbol of the new contract?


3)How will the new contract affect the game?

-Nothing will change in the game, only contract revisions will be made by our game developers.

4)Softcap/Hardcap on pre-sale?

-250 BNB softcap, 500 BNB hardcap.

5) What exchanges will it be listed on?

-LBANK, Pancakeswap.

6)On which platform will the tokens be traded?

- It will be announced after the voting result.

7) At which price will GART distributions be calculated?


8) At which price will GLAND distributions be calculated?




Griffin Art Ecosystem

Griffin Art is an innovative ecosystem that uses blockchain and NFT technologies, includes the Griffin Land play-to-earn battle game.