Griffin Art Ecosystem Token ($GART) Liquidity Pool Announcement

Griffin Art Ecosystem
1 min readNov 16, 2022


We would like to inform our community about the new liquidity pool to be created before the launch. All calculations are as follows:

136 BNB pulled from 180 BNB GLAND liquidity

70 BNB pulled from 140 BNB GART liquidity

114 BNB less than the total 320 BNB liquidity as not all holders sent their tokens.

-150 BNB were purchased in the pre-sale (tokens received will be burned and transaction links will be shared with the community). 56 BNB remained from a total of 206 BNB pulled from liquidities.

*Those who did not send their tokens will not cause any liquidity shortage since they do not receive $GART v2. If they do, they will not cause a shortage as they will be pulled from the old liquidity and added to the new one.

The liquidity from the pre-sale was calculated according to the hardcap (400 x 0.80 = 320 BNB), but since 250 BNB was sold in total, 200 BNB, 80% of this figure, will be added. At the same time, taking into account the 90 BNB spent in the pre-sale according to the initial calculation, 270 BNB less will be added to the liquidity pool.

*In any case, since liquidity will be added as much as the old tokens sent and new tokens sold, there will be no harmful shortage in liquidity.

If all old tokens were sent and hardcap was filled, the liquidity to be added was going to be 640 BNB.

Total liquidity to be added: 256 BNB



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