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3 min readOct 7, 2022


Griffin Land is an immersive play-to-earn (P2E) game designed for hardcore gamers who also want to make money while doing what they love. However, unlike most other P2E games that work predominantly on PC by offering web-only playing options, Griffin Land brings greater accessibility to the world of blockchain. The game offers a mobile version as well that’s available to download on the android Google Play Store.

Griffin Land is set up like most other P2E games. Like every blockchain game out there, it requires players to have access to a crypto wallet, and some cryptocurrency to buy the NFTs that make up the in-game characters.

Getting Started With Griffin Land

The first step to getting started with playing Griffin Land is to head out to the Google Play Store on android to download the game. After successfully downloading the game from the android app store, launch the app to set up an account.

To be able to play Griffin Land seamlessly, it is recommended that you also download a crypto wallet app on your phone like MetaMask. When the game launches, you will be asked to connect your crypto wallet to the game. Already having one installed will cause the crypto wallet app to launch automatically and ask you to approve the connection.

It is recommended to have at least 0.5 BNB in your wallet to play the game. This is the minimum amount of funds required to purchase the NFTs needed to play the game.

Once your wallet has been connected, you are almost ready to begin playing Griffin Land!

How to Fully Set Up Griffin Land

Griffing Land requires players to create nitrate in order to play the game. These nitrates are in-game boosters that help to power up a player’s characters and make the gameplay more effective and exciting. There are four main characters in Griffin Land, namely: Griffin, Medusa, Minotaur, and Valkyrie.

To start playing Griffin Land, players need to purchase or own at least one of these four main characters. Players will also get some free gifts upon launching the game successfully and will need to use the in-game currency $GART to play in and around the different arenas in the game. On average, these should cost between 120,000 $GART to 240,000 $GART.


Griffin Land offers a PvE (player versus environment) playing mode. This is a mode where players get to battle with the CPU. A battle consists of three rounds. Whichever player wins two out of the three rounds wins the battle.

Battles are fought in different arenas and boosters like potions, energy boosters, magic shoes, helmets, and armor, are available to enhance the gaming experience. The more powerful the combination of boosters a player has, the more likely they are to win a battle.

Earning in Griffin Land

As a reward for players and to provide an incentive to play, more $GART tokens are available to players who win battles. These $GART token rewards come from the fees paid by players to access the arenas they battle in. Whichever player wins the battle gets to take the spoils of the game.

The sharing formula for the winnings is as follows: the player who wins the battle gets to keep 85% of the total tokens in the pool. The remaining 15% of the tokens are sent back to the treasury to finance the continuity of the game’s development.

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Griffin Art Ecosystem

Griffin Art is an innovative ecosystem that uses blockchain and NFT technologies, includes the Griffin Land play-to-earn battle game.